Multi-AS topologies from BGP routing tables

Prototype generator of multi-AS router-level topologies approximating the customer-provider or peering relationships of Autonomous Systems extracted from the BGP routing tables.

The topologies were generated (using filters also developed by BJ Premore) as follows:

  1. Generate a topology from a BGP table dump (such as at RouteViews);
  2. Merge nodes together, choosing nodes with smallest degrees first, until topology is reduced to 1000 nodes;
  3. Prune a given percent of links from the topology, and take the largest remaining connected component;
  4. Merge nodes together, choosing nodes with smallest degrees first; also, don't merge if nodes share any peers, and if degree of both nodes is greater than 2.
Developed by BJ Premore, Dartmouth.

SSFNet Configuration Files:

Includes a set of subgraphs of AS graphs obtained from BGP routing tables, stored as adjacency lists; and a Perl script for the generation of the DML files that can be directly used in SSFNet simulations.

The Perl script processes the adjacency list files (such as net512.adj), with from about 20 to over 800 AS nodes, and generates the DML network configuration files.

Download all files: