OSPFv2 Testsuite for the SSFnet simulation framework

This site contains material about my master's thesis, which I worked on in 2001 in the Computer Networking Group at the University of Saarbruecken.


In order to make predictions about how large networks behave on configuration changes, one is dependent of having appropriate simulations of such large scenarios. Especially the correct simulation of routing and the routing protocols found in the Internet is crucial for these simulations. The Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF) is a network simulator, which was explicitly designed for the simulation of large networks and includes implementations of the two widely used routing protocols BGP and OSPF. Because routing plays such a central role, it must be assured, that the implementations of the routing protocols are conformant to their specifications. This thesis discusses different approaches to conformance testing and presents methods for the selection of test cases. Routing protocols in general and OSPF in special are analyzed with respect to conformance testing and several OSPF test suites are presented. Finally a conceptual framework for testing within SSFNet simulation framework is proposed and a test suite for OSPF is implemented using these concepts.


The complete thesis can be downloaded here.


Download Version 0.1.6
Download Version 0.1.5
Download Version 0.1.1
Download Version 0.1.0


Documentation of the test suite
Javadoc of the SSF.OS.OSPFv2.test package

You can also download the documentation:

Javadoc (HTML)
Additional Documentation (HTML)

Additional stuff

There are also some slides, I used for several presentations. These can be downloaded below.

Introduction to SSFnet( PDF)
OSPF Overview (Powerpoint)
Talk about my thesis (Powerpoint)


SSFnet OSPFv2 implementation
SSF Research Network
InterOparability Lab, University of New Hampshire


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