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SSFNet network models are open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

SSFNet directory organization (release 2.0)

 |-- doc                      // release documentation and javadoc pages
 |-- lib                      // compiled libraries
 |-- examples                 // contributed models
 |-- animation                // contributed model animations
 |-- src
      |-- SSF
           |    |-- Random    // random number streams, distributions
           |    |-- Streams   // multi-host streaming data export infrastructure
           |    |-- Plot      // ptplot application for viewing record streams
           |-- Net            // SSF.Net framework source code
           |    |-- Util      // automatic IP address assignment
           |-- OS             // SSF.OS framework source code, IP, tcpdump
           |    |
           |    |-- UDP       // all contributed protocol packages
           |    |-- TCP
           |    |-- Socket
           |    |-- BGP4
           |    |-- OSPFv2
           |    |-- WWW
           |    |-- NetFlow
           |    |-- ...
           |-- App             // contributed application models
           |    |
           |    |-- DDoS
           |    |-- ...
           |-- cern           // strong random number generators, statistics
           |-- edu
           |-- com

SSFNet protocol models

Protocol Status
IP Core component of SSFNET distribution. Supports DML configuration of packet and flow monitoring.
NIC Network Interface driver pseudo-protocol. Supports DML configuration of packet queues, queue monitoring, and tcpdump. Core component of SSFNET distribution.

Contributed protocols

Protocol Status
TCP Generic Reno and Tahoe variants, delayed ack option. Complete instrumentation package for monitoring of TCP state variables, client and server models. Included in ssfnet distribution.

See an extensive SSF TCP documentation and validation suite.

UDP Included in ssfnet distribution, also with client and server models.
Sockets Included in ssfnet distribution. BSD-like socket interface to tcp and udp for designing application-level protocols.
OSPFv2 OSPF routing protocol. Included in ssfnet distribution since release 1.4.
OSPF OSPF routing protocol - limited static version (intra-area shortest-path routes are computed statically, AS-external routes by flooding).
BGP4 Very detailed implementation, included in ssfnet distribution.

See extensive SSF BGP4 documentation and SSF BGP4 validation suite.

HTTP Included in ssfnet distribution as SSF.OS.WWW. Includes empirical measurement-based web workload generator client and server application protocols, based on parameters from the paper "Dynamics of IP traffic: a study of the role of variability and the impact of control" by Anja Feldmann, Anna Gilbert, Polly Huang and Walter Willinger, in Proc. of SIGCOMM'99. Both HTTP1.0 and 1.1 behaviors are supported.
NetFlow IP flow collector and flow filters, can be configured at multiple routers.

SSFNet models are open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Complete network models

Visit the gallery of baseline networks. It contains DML models of large, realistic BGP topologies, heavily congested networks, and validation models, together with model descriptions and associated publications.

A number of fully configured DML networks are included in the test subdirectories of all contributed SSFNet protocols, and in the examples/ and src/SSF/App/ directories.

See also the tutorial examples for documented network models, from fairly simple to complex.

Bugs etc.

SSFNet protocol developers provide extensive validation test suites with the distributed protocols, but some bugs in the implementations may still be discovered. Ultimately, the users are responsible for verifying the validity of their simulation results.

Bugs in protocols: Please contact the protocol author.

Credit: The mosquito is from Ed Nieuwenhuys' outstanding spiders & immunology site