Class MeanRateWormTrafficState


public class MeanRateWormTrafficState
extends WormTrafficState

Worm induced traffic model. Contains information about scanning traffic induced by the worm.

Field Summary
 float scanRate
          Mean scan rate.
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Constructor Summary
MeanRateWormTrafficState(AS _myAS)
Method Summary
 void update()
          State update.
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Field Detail


public float scanRate
Mean scan rate. (Outbound)

Constructor Detail


public MeanRateWormTrafficState(AS _myAS)
Method Detail


public void update()
State update. The mean outbound scan rate is set proportional to the number of infected hosts in this AS. The scan rate is then updated for each registered gateway (border) router.
Assumption: the simplifying assumption is made that the scans are spread evenly over the (registered) border routers.

Specified by:
update in class WormTrafficState