Class StochasticWormEpidemicState


public class StochasticWormEpidemicState
extends WormEpidemicState

Stochastic epidemic model implementation epidemic model. Contains epidemic state of one AS. See update() method for more information.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class SSF.App.Worm.WormEpidemicState
i, myAS, N, r, s
Constructor Summary
StochasticWormEpidemicState(AS myAS)
Method Summary
 void output()
 void update(float iTot)
          One timestep update.
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Constructor Detail


public StochasticWormEpidemicState(AS myAS)
Method Detail


public void update(float iTot)
One timestep update. Calculate probability of hitting a susceptible host in this AS as P[hit] = Beta_j * s. Where Beta_j = ip_space_j / tot_ip_space * Beta. Then the number of newly infected hosts in this AS is di = Binomial(n, P[hit]), where n is the number of scans hitting this AS in this timestep.

Specified by:
update in class WormEpidemicState


public void output()