Class Interface.DelayedAckTimer

Enclosing class:

public class Interface.DelayedAckTimer
extends Timer

The DelayedAckTimer is started if a new LS Ack Packet should be sent delayed. When it expires, it sends lsAckContent to all Neighbors attached to this Interface. During the runtime of this Timer lsAckContent can be filled with another LSA Headers to be acknowledged.

Constructor Summary
Interface.DelayedAckTimer(OSPF o, long dt)
Method Summary
 void callback()
          Action to be taken upon expiration if the timer has not been cancelled.
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Constructor Detail


public Interface.DelayedAckTimer(OSPF o,
                                 long dt)
Method Detail


public void callback()
Action to be taken upon expiration if the timer has not been cancelled.

Specified by:
callback in class Timer