Class OSPF.AgingTimer

Enclosing class:

public class OSPF.AgingTimer
extends Timer

A cyclic timer used to age all LSAs currently installed in the databases of this session and (for the future) all external LSAs stored here. Every time the timer fires the LSAs are aged and all selforiginated LSAs are checked whether they have to be reoriginated and if so they are.

Constructor Summary
OSPF.AgingTimer(OSPF myOSPF, long duration)
          Construct a timer with the given duration.
Method Summary
 void callback()
          A method to be performed when the timer expires.
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Constructor Detail


public OSPF.AgingTimer(OSPF myOSPF,
                       long duration)
Construct a timer with the given duration.

Method Detail


public void callback()
A method to be performed when the timer expires. It starts the aging in all link state databases of its OSPF session and sees to it that selforiginated LSAs which must be reoriginated are send again.

Specified by:
callback in class Timer