Class RandomJava

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public class RandomJava
extends RandomElement

RandomJava is a class wrapper for the Math.random() generator that comes with Java. I know nothing about the quality of Math.random(), but I will warn the reader that system-supplied RNGs have a bad reputation; RandomJava is NOT reccomended for general use, it has only been included as a straightforward example of how to build a RandomElement wrapper for an existing RNG. The RANMAR, RANECU and RANLUX generators included in this package all appear to be faster than Math.random(); all three are well-studied, portable and proven in use.

Source code is available.

See Also:
Ranmar, Ranlux, Ranecu, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double raw()
          Wrapper for Math.random().
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Constructor Detail


public RandomJava()
Method Detail


public double raw()
Wrapper for Math.random().

Specified by:
raw in class RandomElement
a random double in the range (0,1).
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